114 mm Vacuum Mounts

SeaSucker 114 mm Vacuum Mounts 

The 114 mm Vacuum Mount has a direct pull rating of 45 kg and a safe load carrying capacity of 18 kg. It's ideal for most light to medium duty applications. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Save money by not having to fill in holes ever time, this can get very expensive!
  • The cost of vacuum mount maintenance is very low; every part is replaceable and the pump is fully serviceable.
  • It works on many surfaces including steel, aluminium, glass, fibreglass, carbon fibre and some non-skid surfaces.
  • If you change your mind you can relocate the vacuum mount in seconds and leave no marks behind.
  • Our vacuum mounts are truly multi-purpose; use the same mount in your car, boat, caravan or around the home.
  • They are truly versatile; attach almost anything via the housing by using the ¼-20 centre thread or through the top slots
  • Secure your favourite video and still camera using the ¼-20 stainless steel threaded insert.

Buy with confidence from the Australian Authorised Distributor for SeaSucker vacuum mounted products.


  • 114 mm SeaSucker Black Vacuum Mount


    114 mm SeaSucker Black Vacuum Mount

    Why SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts? Most products secured in your car, boat, caravan or around the home have a life span. When its time to replace them chances are the replacement product will not have the same mounting holes. Filling in...

  • 114 mm Rear Wheel Strap


    114 mm SeaSucker Rear Wheel Strap

    SeaSucker 114 mm Rear Wheel Strap The SeaSucker Rear Wheel Strap is single 114 mm Vacuum Mount with a 40 mm long x 410 mm wide hook-and-loop strap. The 114 mm SeaSucker Rear Wheel Strap is a good alternative if the standard 152 mm Rear Wheel...

  • SeaSucker EPIRB Mount kit includes stainless steel hardware to secure your EPIRB to the 114 mm Vacuum Mount


    EPIRB Mount

    SeaSucker EPIRB Mount The SeaSucker EPIRB Mount is the ideal way of securing your EPIRB in your boat whilst making it super easy to remove and re install. It also allows you to keep your EPIRB always within easy reach. When you need it most' all you...

  • SeaSucker Gaff/Net Holder holding a short arm fishing gaff


    Gaff / Net Holder

    SeaSucker Gaff / Net Holder  Having immediate access to your Gaffs and Nets whilst fishing on board a boat is crucial. It can be the difference between landing that big fish or having to tell your fishing friends about the story of the fish...

  • 114 mm SeaSucker Go Pro Mount with Go Pro camera installed


    Go Pro Mount with Long Thumb Knob

    SeaSucker Go Pro Mount The SeaSucker 114 mm Go Pro Mount is an ideal way to mount your Go Pro Camera! The Go Pro Tripod adapter is compatible with the Go Pro Hero 3 & Hero 4 camera.  Included in the kit is the Go Pro Long Thumb Knob used for...

  • SeaSucker Naked Head Rest Mount


    Naked Headrest Mount

    SeaSucker Naked Head Rest Mount The SeaSucker Naked Headrest Mount is called “naked” because it does not require a bracket to hold your particular tablet device. Use it on almost any tablet device including iPads, Androids and whatever...

  • S a l e
    SeaSucker Utility Hook Product Photo


    Utility Hook

    SeaSucker Utility Hook We know you already have a use for this all-purpose hook, whether it's for holding dock lines, a life ring or hand lines. Made of strong UV-stable plastic, the 32 mm thick hook has an opening spread of approximately 95 mm...