SeaSucker Down Under Brands

We are always on the lookout for new products that compliment the SeaSucker brand. Below is an overview:

  • SeaSucker - Extensive range of products using Industrial Vacuum Mounts with 90 kg of direct pull strength and can safely carry a load of 36 kg.
  • Hurricane Components - Manufacturer of the famous Fork Up Bike rack Adapters. They're ideal if you use a fork mounted bike rack and you regularly transport bikes with different front wheel configurations.
  • RAM Mounts - Their unique "Ball" and Claw" technology that integrates with SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts with ease.
  • DrinX & Yoebi - Compliment the SeaSucker range of cup holders.
  • Lee's Tackle - Compliment our large rang of boat road holders and outriggers
  • Reel Colors - Compliment our range of fishing solutions with innovative Fishing Reel Power Handles, Rod Rings and Teaser Reels