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SeaSucker Down Under Car Products and Solutions          

Introducing the revolutionary car products and solutions from SeaSucker. This category includes:

  1. Roof Racks – The SeaSucker Roof Rack works on almost any car, they are width adjustable and can carry most loads up to freeway speed limits.
  2. Ski Racks – The perfect Ski Rack that works on almost any car. The SeaSucker Ski Rack uses lockable 61 cm carriers, can be installed in under 2 minutes and removed in seconds.
  3. Tablet & Smartphone Mounts –  We have Tablet & Smartphone mounts that can be used both in the car and around the home. We also have Tablet & Smartphone Mounts purpose built for off-road and marine use.
  4. Storage Solutions – Need extra storage space? Do you hate drilling holes? Looking for a storage solution that is waterproof? Then SeaSucker has the answer..


There are no products listed under this category.