Boat Tool Holders

Boat Tool Holders by SeaSucker Down Under 

We have a boat tool holder for almost any application. We have boat tool holder’s purpose built for storing Knives, Pliers & Fishing Tackle. We also have a multi-purpose Boat Tool Holder capable of storing 3 Fishing Rods along with Knives, Pliers & Fishing Tackle

Checkout our range SeaSucker Removable Tool Holders For Boats, the truly multi-purpose removable marine knives & plier holder, some with the capability of also storing your fishing rods.

Buy with confidence from Australian Authorised Distributor for SeaSucker Vacuum Mounted Rod Holders & Lee's Tackle Reseller.

  • SeaSucker Line and Hose Hooks Product Photo (SM2860W)


    Line and Hose Hooks

    SeaSucker Line and Hose Hooks   Do You have a bunch of extra lines hanging around in your car, boat or caravan? Need a place to hang your hose, rope, or maybe even a backpack? Then the SeaSucker Line & Hose Hook is the answer! Based on our...

  • ACR Cat-2 EPIRB Mount (5228)


    ACR Cat-2 EPIRB Mount

    SeaSucker ACR Cat 2 EPIRB Mount EPIRBs are essential for anyone going offshore, but you have to be able to reach them in the time of need. So instead of permanently mounting the EPIRB bracket in your boat, mount it to a SeaSucker ACR CAT-2 EPIRB...

  • SeaSucker Tool Holder Pro Series


    Tool Holder - Pro Series

    SeaSucker Tool Holder Pro Series You'll never be short of storage for knives, pliers and hooks again. The Tool Holder Pro Series is made from durable HDPE and has slots for four knives and two pliers, Boga Grips, de-hookers, snips,...

  • SeaSucker Shovel Mount with adjustable clamps, diameter range is 25 mm to 63 mm


    Shovel Mount

    SeaSucker Shovel Mount The SeaSucker Shovel Mount will secure anything with a pole to your car, boat, caravan or around the home. No more drilling holes to mount shovels, axes, picks or anything with a handle. The SeaSucker Shovel Mount comes in a pair...

  • SeaSucker EPIRB Mount kit includes stainless steel hardware to secure your EPIRB to the 114 mm Vacuum Mount


    EPIRB Mount

    SeaSucker EPIRB Mount The SeaSucker EPIRB Mount is the ideal way of securing your EPIRB in your boat whilst making it super easy to remove and re install. It also allows you to keep your EPIRB always within easy reach. When you need it most' all you...

  • SeaSucker Gaff/Net Holder holding a short arm fishing gaff


    Gaff / Net Holder

    SeaSucker Gaff / Net Holder  Having immediate access to your Gaffs and Nets whilst fishing on board a boat is crucial. It can be the difference between landing that big fish or having to tell your fishing friends about the story of the fish...

  • SeaSucker Winch Handle Holder


    Winch Handle Holder

    SeaSucker Winch Handle Holder  Attention Trailer Boaters & Yachtsmen - rather than mounting a pocket for your winch handles permanently on the side of your boat use the SeaSucker Winch Handle Holder. No need to decide where to...

  • SeaSucker Single Tank Strap


    Single Tank Rack - Vertical Mount

    SeaSucker Single Tank Rack At the hear of the SeaSucker Single Tank Rack is the SeaSucker 152 mm White Vacuum Mount with 90 kg of direct pull-strength and a load carrying capacity of 32 kg. The SeaSucker Single Tank Rack is available with the Quick Fist...