About Us

SeaSucker Australia was founded in November 2011. We spent almost 12 months researching a multitude of products in our quest to find a truly innovative product range that wasn't available in Australia. We came across the SeaSucker range of products whilst on a business trip. It was one of those innovative products that ticked all the boxes. As a result we entered into an exclusivity agreement with SeaSucker USA.

Our customer focus has always remained the same. That is to be the leaders of our chosen market by focusing on turning every customer into a fan of the product backed up with great customer service. How do we do this? By deploying the following customer goals:
  1. Engaging as many customers as we can to ensure the chosen products and services will meet their needs. We love hearing from our customers and no issue is too small for us. With each engagement is an opportunity to better understand our customers and how we can improve our products and services. 
  2. We back up each sale with a "30 Day Money Back Guarantee" If our customer is not happy with the product or has changed their mind they can send it back and we will refund the cost of the item, the only exception is the cost of postage which is not refundable. Please refer to our Shipping and Returns section for more information.
  3. We developed a wealth of knowledge with SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts and have used this to identify new market opportunities. We also have a large knowledge base on the application of SeaSucker products in the automotive and marine industry, including bike racks, paddle board & surf board racks, rod holders, cup holders, bait boards, electronic mounts and smartphone & tablet mounts. In 2015 we put this knowledge to the test when we launched a pilot onsite installation program, a sample of this program was documented in Our Customer's Cars section of our Company Blog. We also use this knowledge to help and support the most important people to us, our customers.

2015 Update

Gear Campus Pty. Ltd. took over from SeaSucker Australia. With the addition of several new innovative and premium products, namely ICE Ignition, RAM Mounts, Lee's Tackle and Reel Colors the time was right to found Gear Campus. The same team that founded SeaSucker Australia are still part of Gear Campus and continue to provide the same exceptional service and warranty support.

We also completed the move to larger premises in Bernard Street, Cheltenham. This new facility has a customer reception area where some of our great products are on display for customers to view. As a result we also introduced “Free Local Pick Up” as a shipping option during checkout.

The introduction of a responsive international air freight service is now up and running and we typically air freight goods from the US every one to two months. We also switched our local shipping service to Star Track Express. 

2016 Update

With our second website up and running Gear Campus also registered the business name SeaSucker Down Under (SDU) for our www.seasucker.com.au online store. This store will be dedicated to SeaSucker products. Our second store Gear Campus www.gearcampus.com is now up and running and will feature SeaSucker, ICE Ignition, RAM Mounts, Lee's Tackle and Reel Colors products.

2017 Update

Our focus for SeaSucker Down Under is to expand the SeaSucker reseller network. The SeaSucker Down Under online store will undergo a transformation with a strong focus on supporting our resellers. Our Gear Campus online will expand its omni-channels with the addition of Bike Exchange. We also plan to launch several new innovative products in 2017.


The SeaSucker Range of Products - Overview

The SeaSucker range of products are based on the super powerful and highly versatile vacuum mounts capable of holding up to 90 kg each.

These are NOT suction cups. They have a built in pump that evacuates the air giving it incredible holding power.
The pumps has an orange band letting you know when they require a few pumps to return to maximum holding power.

Our range of vacuum mounted solutions include the following marine products:

  • Rod Holders 
  • Cup Holders 
  • Bait Boards
  • Dive Tank Holders
  • Electronic Mounting Solutions for GPS, Fish Finders etc...
  • Storage solutions
We also sell a range of Home / Automotive solutions including:
  • Bike Racks
  • Surf Board and Paddle Board Racks
  • iPad / Galaxy Mounts
  • Heavy Duty Tablet Mounts

We have much planned for 2017 and look forward to sharing this with you through our Latest News section.