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SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts and Accessories 

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Product Overview

First and foremost SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts are not suction cups. They are not reliant on generating vacuum by applying pressure to the surface. Furthermore, suctions cups create partial vacuum by expelling air between the cup and the surface when depressed.

Unlike suction cups SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts have an inbuilt hand-actuated pump that efficiently evacuates the air generating enormous holding power. They also have an orange indicator band providing a clear indication of the level of holding power. To return the vacuum mount to maximum strength depress the vacuum pump until it retracts fully. Suction cups provide no indication regarding the level of holding power.

Category Overview

  1. 114 mm Vacuum Mounts - For Light-Duty applications, it packs a 45 kg direct pull rating and an 18 kg load carrying capacity.
  2. 152 mm Vacuum Mounts - For Heavy-Duty applications, it packs a 90 kg direct pull rating and a 32 kg load carrying capacity.
  3. Parts & Accessories  -  Parts and accessories that enable the vacuum mount to be used in various applications 

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