Bike Racks

SeaSucker has a bike rack to suit almost any application, below is an overview.

1-Bike Rack Models

  • The Talon: Our "go anywhere" 1-Bike Rack, works with most cars..
  • The Komodo: For Sports Cars or Convertibles.
  • The Falcon: Purpose built 1-bike rack for UTES & CREW CABS ONLY.
  • The Hornet: Dubbed the "Smallest Bike Rack in the World". For SUV & hatchback cars.
  • The Trike Rack: Purpose built to carry one trike on almost any car. 

2-Bike Rack Models

The SeaSucker Mini Bomber works on almost any car. It's highly versatile, it will accept a third Fork Mount or Add-On Front Wheel Holder on its main board

3-Bike Rack Models

The SeaSucker Bomber: Purpose built to carry 3 bikes of almost any size and configuration. Will work on small sedans through to large SUV's.

SeaSucker bike racks use industrial vacuum mounts. They are non-marking, UV and weather resistant, and hold exceptionally well on glass, fibreglass, carbon fibre, metal and aluminium surfaces.

Buy with confidence from the Australian Authorised Distributor for SeaSucker Bike Racks and Accessories.