Lee's Heavy Duty 15 DEG Flush Mount Rod Holder for 63kg (150lb) fishing rods(RH5334V) - Closed End

Lee’s Tackle

Lee's 15 DEG HEAVY Rod Holder - Closed End (RH5334H)

17th December 2021 - Now accepting Pre-Orders

Lee's Tackle Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty 15 Degree Flush Mount Boat Rod Holder with Closed End

Cast from high-grade stainless steel and set to an angle of 15 degrees this boat rod holder has a 57 mm outside diameter and a rod tube length of 265 mm. The closed end features a standard 1/4 inch round pin. As a result, a hose can be attached to the pin redirecting water that has entered the rod holder. It is designed for bent butt rods with a spinning class to 63 kg (150 lb). The choice of boat manufacturers and consumers around the globe, Lee's Tackle are the Boat Rod Holder Specialist for over 50 years.


1 x Lee's Tackle RH5334V​ Heavy-Duty 15 DEG Flush Mount Boat Rod Holder - Closed End


Lee's RH5332V Heavy 15 DEG Flush Mount Boat Rod Holder
Mount Type: Flush Mount
Rod Holder Angle: 15 Degrees
Outside Diameter: 57 mm (2 1/4")
Rod Tube Length: 265 mm
Spinning Class:  63 kg (150 lb)




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