SeaSucker Monkey Bars - 2020 Edition Product Photo showing split bar feature for easy storage


Monkey Bars - 2020 Edition

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  • Monkey Bars Bike Carrier Kit Front Fork Mount (SX7001)
  • SeaSucker Roof Rack Straps - 1 Pair
  • SeaSucker Rack Pads - The wrap around pads for SeaSucker Roof Racks

SeaSucker Monkey Bars - 2020 Edition

What's new for the SeaSucker Monkey Bars - 2020 Edition

The SeaSucker Monkey Bars - 2020 Edition now includes:

  • Ridge Compliant Rear Crossbar - The rear crossbar is now fitted with our all new 114 mm Oval Vacuum Mounts ensuring they will fit within the roofs ridges
  • Black Powder-Coated Aluminium Cross Bars - 33 mm (1.3") Diameter
  • Break Apart "Screw Fitting" in the Aluminium Cross Bars for easy storage - The 1,220 mm Aluminium Cross Bars have a "Screw Fitting" in the centre breaking down the overall length from 1,220 mm to approx 600 mm for easy storage

The SeaSucker Monkey Bars has undergone a make over. Starting with 33 mm (1.3") Cross Bars mm have been given the stealth look with a black power-coated aluminium bar. To make transporting a breeze the SeaSucker Monkey Bars 2020 Edition comes standard with "Screw Fitting" in the centre of the aluminium bar. This reduces the overall length of 1,200 mm to approx 600 mm for easy storage. 

It can carry bikes, skis, paddle boards, kayaks, surfboards and more. Bolt on a storage box and transport almost anything. For example, it's an ideal Kayak Roof Rack, capable of transporting two Kayaks with ease. It's an ideal Universal Roof Rack giving you the ability to transport almost anything on any car. It's limited by its 68 kg weight carrying capacity.

Below are an overview of its specifications (please refer to the Specifications tab for more information)

  • Rated to transport goods up to 68 kg (150 lbs)
  • Maximum width of goods being transported 1,200 mm
  • Can safely transport goods up to 113 kph (70 mph)

The SeaSucker Monkey Bar has fixed width bars that are 1,220 mm in length. The diameter of the roof bars is 1.3" or 33 mm. Most common roof rack accessories can be bolted to the Monkey Bars using "U" bolts or clamps.

Do you have a wide or narrow roof? Not a problem, the roof rack posts can be relocated anywhere along the aluminium bar to suit the width of any car. The front bar has two 152 mm SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts on each side with one Vacuum Mount on each side of the rear bar.  

SeaSucker vacuum mounts are: 
  • Non-Marking.
  • UV and Weather Resistant.
  • Will attach to Steel, Aluminium, Glass, Fibreglass and Carbon-Fibre surfaces. 
  • Not suited on cars that have been Vinyl Wrapped as the Vacuum Mount will leave an indentation. 

The SeaSucker Monkey Bars are robust enough to carry almost anything. This heavy duty roof rack system can transport loads up to 68 kg (150 pounds) at speeds up to 113 km/h (70 mph). Installation takes less than two minutes and removal takes seconds.

No more having to live with an ugly roof rack permanently bolted to your car creating wind noise and hurting your fuel economy. It's the only roof rack system you will ever buy; use it on your car, your friends car, your wife's car and the car you intend to buy in the future. For more information check out our Customer's Cars.

The Monkey Bars kit comes with a spare SeaSucker Vacuum Pump, keep it with your rack in case you accidentally damage a vacuum mounts. 

Some assembly may be required. Tools included: Allen/Hex Key and 7/16″ spanner.  

Please Note: The wrap around pads and adjustable straps are an optional extra, 


Like our motto says NO DRILLS!  NO SCREWS!!  NO PROBLEMS!!!

Product Features & Benefits 

  • You will save money by not having to buy a new roof rack every time you change cars
  • Use the same roof rack on your car, your partner's car or even a rental car
  • The easiest to install roof rack on the market; install it in 2 minutes, remove it in seconds.  



The SeaSucker Monkey Bars Kit includes

    • Front Crossbar - Fixed Length Bar with "Screw Fitting", 2 x HPDE platforms & 4 x 114 mm Vacuum Mounts (Pre-installed).
    • Rear Crossbar - Fixed Length Bar with "Screw Fitting", 2 x 114 mm Oval Vacuum Mounts (Pre-installed).
    • Spare Tyre - 1 x SeaSucker Black Vacuum Pump.
    • Protective Covers - 6 x 114 mm SeaSucker White Protective Covers.
    • Tools - Allen/Hex Key & 7/16" Spanner to install the platforms.
    • Cleaning Kit - Aluminium Water Spray Bottle & Micro-Fibre Cloth
    • 1 x 5g Lube Tube.
    • Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Hardware.
    • Instruction Manual.



Also refer to the Seasucker Vacuum Mount User Guide for detailed vacuum mount specifications and instructions.  

2020 Monkey Bars Specifications
Weight Rating: 68 kg (150 lbs)
Speed Rating: 113 kph (70 mph)
Maximum width of goods being transported: 1,200 mm
Fixed Length Bars:  1,220 mm
Roof Bar Diameter: 33 mm (1.3")
Length of Bars Disassembled: 610 mm
Vehicle Surface: Steel, Aluminium, Glass, Fibreglass & Carbon Fibre 
Product Total Height 152 mm
Height When Mounted 147 mm
Front Support Tower Platform Width: 152 mm
Front Support Tower Platform Length:: 325 mm


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