Off-Road & Marine Tablet Cradle


Off-Road & Marine Tablet Cradle Mount

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  • RAM Tab-Tite™ Clamping Cradle - iPad mini 1-4 with case (RAM-HOL-TAB12U)
  • RAM Tab-Tite™ Clamping Cradle - iPad with LifeProof & LifeEdge Case (RAM-HOL-TAB17U)
  • RAM Tab-Tite™ Cradle for the Apple iPad Air 1-2 & 9.7" (246 mm) Tablets (RAM-HOL-TAB20U)
  • RAM Universal Clamping Cradle for 10" Tablets (RAM-HOL-TAB6U)
  • RAM Tab-Tite™ Universal Clamping Cradle for the Apple iPad 1,2,3 & 4 (RAM-HOL-TAB3U)

Off-Road & Marine Tablet Cradle Mount

Based on customer feedback we took the Off-Road & Marine Mount and made one change. We introduced the RAM Mounts Tab-Titie Cradle Series as the Tablet holder. We did this to initially to provide a solution for the iPad Pro series then expanded it to accommodate customers who wanted to leave their tablet in its case, skin or sleeve.

The Cradle is device specific, we have in stock the popular cradles.The RAM Mounts Tab-Tite series has a strong vertical clamp making it easy to mount and remove your Tablet. Once mounted in the cradle the RAM Tab Tite Cradle allows for access to audio jacks, USB, power, and other ports.

This product also uses the RAM 1.5" Balls and Arms. This provides 50% more contact surface between the ball and arm further improving rigidity whilst maintaining adjust-ability. 

The Off-Road & Marine Tablet Cradle is ideal for 4 x 4 & boating applications. Out on the water viewing a tablet screen can be difficult when the boat or Jet Ski is jumping of waves. Best of all you don't have to drill holes in your boat; if you change your mind you can relocate your tablet in seconds.

Out on the road the same applies. When using a tablet as a GPS for example, keeping the screen still improves readability. The Off-Road & Marine Tablet Cradle can be used almost anywhere. It's fully adjustable enabling you to find the perfect viewing angle.

The Off-Road & Marine Tablet Cradle has a maximum reach of 22 cm. The end result is a rock solid tablet mount for off-road or marine applications without drilling holes.

Like our motto says NO DRILLS!  NO SCREWS!!  NO PROBLEMS!!!

Product Features & Benefits

  • You will save on the cost of having to fill in holes ever time, this can get very expensive!
  • The cost of maintaining our vacuum mounts is very low; every part is replaceable and the pump is fully serviceable.
  • The one solution for many surfaces including steel, aluminium, glass, fibreglass, painted plaster and some non-skid surfaces.
  • If you change your mind you can relocate the Heavy-Duty Off-Road & Marine Tablet Cradle in seconds and leave no marks behind.
  • The Heavy-Duty Off-Road & Marine Tablet Cradle is truly multi-purpose; use the it in your car, boat, caravan or around the home. 


  • The SeaSucker iPad / Galaxy Mount Kit includes
    • 1 x RAM Universal Tab-Tite Clamping Cradle as selected in the Options List
    • 1 x RAM 1.5" Black Socket Arm
    • 2 x RAM 1.5" Ball Plate Stud (one pre-installed on the vacuum mount)
    • 1 x 114 mm SeaSucker Black Vacuum Mount
    • 1 x 114 mm SeaSucker White Protective Cover
    • SeaSucker Vacuum Mount User Guide
    •  Some basic assembly; no tools required  



Also refer to the SeaSucker Vacuum Mount User Guide for detailed vacuum mount specifications and instructions. 

114 mm Vacuum Mount Specifications
Maximum Pull Rating:  45 kg
Load Carrying Capacity: 18.14 kg
Vacuum Mount Diameter: 114 mm
Vacuum Mount Height when mounted: 45 mm
Vacuum Mount Height at rest: 52 mm
Housing Top Diameter:  60 mm
Housing Height Only: 33 mm
Housing Top Slot Width: 7 mm
Housing Top Slot Length: 14 mm
Housing Centre Thread:  ¼-20


We offer a 1 year, non-transferable warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty covers the defective product only and can be returned within 1 year of the date of original purchase to SeaSucker Down Under for replacement or repair. This shall constitute the sole remedy of the purchaser and the sole liability of SeaSucker Down Under Pty Ltd to the extent permitted by law. In no event shall SeaSucker Down Under Pty Ltd be liable for special or consequential damages. A sales receipt must accompany warranty claims. If your product fails due to a manufacturing or workmanship defect our first option will be to repair the item, free of charge. If the product is not repairable, or if the cost of repairing the item exceeds the cost of a new one, we will replace it. If the item has failed due to a manufacturing defect, we will pay the return shipping charges.

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