SeaSucker Heavy-Duty RAM Smartphone Mount with iPhone 8 in cradle


RAM Quick-Grip Smartphone Mount - Extreme Edition

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  • RAM B-Sized Black Socket Arm with a length of 93.7 mm (RAM-B-201BU)
  • RAM B-Size Black Socket Arm for 1 inch balls (150 mm - 6") (RAM-B-201U-C)
  • RAM Universal Top Clamp PDA Cradle (RAM-HOL-PD3U)
  • RAM Universal Top Clamp PDA Cradle (RAM-HOL-PD4U)

RAM Quick-Grip Smartphone Mount - Extreme Edition

We designed this smartphone mount to ensure your smartphone will not move once placed in the holder and to also minimise screen vibration. It is fully adjustable thanks to the RAM patented ball and claw technology.

The RAM Quick-Grip Smartphone Mount has spring loaded top clamp that firmly grips your smartphone.  This Smartphone Mount can accommodate the Apple "Plus" or phablet style smartphones by selecting the RAM Quick-Grip XL Smartphone Cradle from the Options list.

 The RAM Quick-Grip Smartphone Cradle height range is 121 mm to a maximum height of 159 mm. The width range is from 57 mm  to 83 mm.

The RAM Quick-Grip Smartphone XL Cradle height range is 146 mm to a maximum height of 184 mm. The width range is from 67 mm  to 92 mm.

Both smartphone mounts allow for access to charging ports.

Included in the RAM Quick-Grip Smartphone Mount is a RAM B-Size 1 inch Ball / Diamond Plate (RAP-B-238U) to attach to the back of the smartphone mount, a RAM B-Sized Ball/Plate/Stud to provide a secure attachment to the vacuum mount and a RAM B-Sized Socket Arm. 

What is "Extreme" About This Smartphone Mount -  The SeaSucker 114 mm Black Vacuum Mount

The SeaSucker 114 mm Vacuum Mount is an ideal way to mount accessories without drilling any holes! It is incredibly strong (pull rated up to 45 kg & 18 kg safe load carrying capacity); it will attach to many non-skid or textured surfaces including painted plaster. All metal parts are high grade stainless steel including the pump spring, for extra durability. The SeaSucker Vacuum Mount has an inbuilt pump that evacuates the air under the vacuum pad generating extreme holding power. The inbuilt pump also has an "Orange" indicator band letting you know if partial vacuum is lost. Just give it a few pumps to return to maximum vacuum.

Like our motto says NO DRILLS!  NO SCREWS!!  NO PROBLEMS!!!

Product Features & Benefits

  • Save money by not purchasing a new smartphone mount when your change smartphones.
  • The Smartphone mount is fully adjustable to accommodate big and small Smartphones.
  • You will save on the cost of having to fill in holes ever time, this can get very expensive!
  • The cost of maintaining our vacuum mounts is very low; every part is replaceable and the pump is fully serviceable.
  • The one solution for many surfaces including steel, aluminum, glass, fibreglass, painted plaster and some non-skid surfaces.
  • If you change your mind you can relocate the 114 mm Vacuum Mount in seconds and leave no marks behind.
  • The 114 mm Vacuum Mount is truly multi-purpose; use the same mount in your car, boat, caravan or around the home.


  • The SeaSucker RAM Smartphone Mount  includes
    • 1 x RAM-HOL-PD3U or RAM-HOL-PD4U Adjustable Smartphone Mount
    • 1 x RAM-B-201BU RAM B-Sized Black Socket Arm
    • 1 x RAP-B-238U RAM B-Sized Ball/Diamond Plate
    • 1 x RAM-B-202AU RAM B-Sized Ball/Plate/Stud (pre-installed)
    • 1 x 114 mm SeaSucker Black Vacuum Mount 
    • 1 x 114 mm SeaSucker White Protective Cover
    • SeaSucker Vacuum Mount User Guide
    • Some basic assembly; no tools required  



Also refer to the SeaSucker Vacuum Mount User Guide for detailed vacuum mount specifications and instructions. 

114 mm Vacuum Mount Specifications
Maximum Pull Rating:  45 kg
Load Carrying Capacity: 18.14 kg
Vacuum Mount Diameter: 114 mm
Vacuum Mount Height when mounted: 45 mm
Vacuum Mount Height at rest: 52 mm
Housing Top Diameter:  60 mm
Housing Height Only: 33 mm
Housing Top Slot Width: 7 mm
Housing Top Slot Length: 14 mm
Housing Centre Thread:  ¼-20


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