RAM B-Sized Ball/Plate/Stud (RAM-B-202AU)

RAM Mounts

RAM 2.5" Round Base - 1" Ball with 1/4-20 Threaded Male Post

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RAM B-Size 1 inch Ball / Plate / Stud

Constructed from black aluminium plate with a diameter of approximately 62 mm. The 25 mm ball is welded to the plate and protected with a rubber coating. The RAM B-Sized Ball / Plate / Stud is compatible with all RAM “B”-Size socket arms (approx. 25 mm or 1" diameter). 

The stainless steel 1/4-20 stud also screws into the housing centre thread of any SeaSucker Vacuum Mount. Alternatively the 1/4-20 stud screws into the base of most still and video cameras. This allows you to attach your still and video camera to our vacuum mounts through a RAM Arm. To complete the connection another RAM B-Size Ball / Plate / Stud or a RAM B-Size Ball / Stud is also required. 

The RAM B-Size Ball / Plate / Stud provides a more stable mounting platform than the RAM B-Size Ball/ Stud alone.  It is ideal for use when mounting anything bigger than a pocket camera. 

We use the RAM B-Size Ball / Plate / Stud in all of our Heavy Duty Tablet mounts to maximize rigidity and decrease vibration. 


  • Compatible with RAM “B”-Size Socket Arms (approx. 25 mm or 1″ diameter)
  • Compatible with most still and video cameras
  • Compatible with all SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts using a 1/4 - 20 grub screw 

1 x RAM B-Size Ball / Plate / Stud

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