SeaSucker Removable VHF Antenna Mount (SDU-0005)

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RAM Glass Mount VHF Antenna Mount

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RAM Mounts Glass Mount VHF Antenna Mount

Since releasing the Company Blog article regarding our first prototype Antenna Mount  we have received a steady stream of requests to release the production model. Introducing our next in house product, The RAM Mounts Glass Mount VHF Antenna Mount.

Starting with a SeaSucker 152 mm Vacuum Mount, we mated this to the RAM Mounts Antenna Mount (RAM-112U). This was done by tapping a thread into the underside of the RAM 1.5" Ball enabling it to use the centre thread of the vacuum mount by inserting a stainless steel grub screw. To ensure the RAM Ball does not loosen we inserted a locking screw.

The SeaSucker Glass Mount VHF Antenna Mount can be used on many hard and smooth surfaces including, steel, aluminium, glass, fibreglass, carbon fiber and more. The SeaSucker Glass Mount VHF Antenna Mount is compatible with any antenna that has a 1"-1/4 female thread. This makes it an ideal GME glass mounted antenna mount. The SeaSucker Glass Mount VHF Antenna Mount can be installed and removed in seconds making it easy to relocate. Therefore if you are looking for an on glass UHF antenna mounting solution then look no further.

Compared to magnetic aerial mounts the SeaSucker Glass Mount VHF Antenna Mount is much kinder to your cars panels only requiring both surfaces to be cleaned with water only prior to use. With its near infinite adjustability you will always find the perfect angle for your antenna. Furthermore, RAM Mounts Glass Mount VHF Antenna Mount is an ideal VHF Antenna Mount For Boats attaching to most fibreglass surfaces (rippled surfaces excluded)

The RAM Mounts Antenna Mount (RAM-112U) has a 1-1/4" threaded post to suit most VHF Antennas and similar antennas. The patented rubber ball and socket system securely mounts the antenna while allowing for almost infinite adjustment. The ball base is made from a lightweight marine grade aluminum and is powder coated for extra grip. The ball socket and male 1" -14 threaded post are made from high strength composites designed for prolonged outdoor use. The RAM antenna mount will work with any standard antenna that has a 1"-1/4 threaded interface.

Powered with 90 kg of Direct Pull Strength and a 32 kg Load Carrying Capacity the SeaSucker Removable VHF Antenna Mount. can be mounted horizontally or vertically or anywhere in between. To set the ideal Antenna Angle loosen the Locking Knob on the RAM Mount Antenna Mount. Once the ideal position is found please tighten the Locking Knob. This kit is supplied Pre-Assembled and ready to go on your car.



  • 1 x SeaSucker Removable VHF Antenna Mount (pre-assembled)
  • 1 x Vacuum Mount Instructions


Also refer to the SeaSucker Vacuum Mount User Guide for detailed vacuum mount specifications and instructions. 

152 mm Vacuum Mount Specifications
Maximum Pull Rating:  90 kg
Load Carrying Capacity: 31.75 kg
Vacuum Mount Diameter: 152 mm
Vacuum Mount Height when mounted: 46 mm
Vacuum Mount Height at rest: 56 mm
Housing Top Diameter:  60 mm
Housing Height Only: 33 mm
Housing Top Slot Width: 7 mm
Housing Top Slot Length: 14 mm
Housing Male Thread On Top  ¼-20
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