RAM B-Sized Black Socket Arm with a length of 93.7 mm (RAM-B-201BU)

RAM Mounts

RAM STANDARD Double Socket Arm - 1" Balls (95mm)

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RAM B-Size Black Socket Arm for RAM B-Size 1 inch balls

The RAM B-Size Socket Arm is 95 mm (3.73") long and has an integrated thumb screw for locking down onto the RAM B-Sized Balls. The RAM B-Size Socket Arm will accept all RAM balls that are approximately 25 mm in diameter (or 1"). 

We use the RAM B-Size Socket Arm in the SeaSucker Extreme Edition Smartphone Mount to provide extra rigidity. This is achieved by through using a shorter arm minimizing leverage as a result of the weight of the device that is attached. 

If maximizing length is the priority then we recommend the RAM B-Sized Long Socket Arm (150 mm) . This item is available only in white. 


Compatible with RAM “B”-Size Balls (approx. 25 mm or 1″ diameter)  


1 x RAM B-Size Black Socket Arm

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