SeaSucker Rear Wheel Housing/Ladder Strap Upgrade


Rear Wheel Housing / Ladder Strap Upgrade

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SeaSucker Rear Wheel Housing/Ladder Strap Upgrade

SeaSucker have released a "Pro" version of the rear wheel strap that comes standard with the Talon, Mini Bomber and Bomber Bike Racks. This upgrade combines a specially-moulded housing that cradles your rear wheel, be it road or mountain tyre.  A super sturdy ladder strap locks the rear wheel into place by strapping itself around the rim.

To perform the upgrade is simple by following the instructions below:

  1. Remove the 4 housing screws from your existing rear wheel strap.
  2. Remove the housing from the pump and vacuum cup by gently pulling upwards.
  3. Slide the Velcro out from underneath the pump. This is no longer required
  4. Place the Rear Wheel Housing / Ladder Strap upgrade into position and line it up with the 4 mounting holes.
  5. Insert the the 4 housing screws and tighten.
  6. You’re done!

This product DOES NOT include a vacuum mount or pump – it's a replacement for the Rear Wheel Strap housing only. The Velcro that comes with the standard Rear Wheel Strap can be discarded once the  Rear Wheel Housing / Ladder Strap upgrade is installed

  • 1 x Rear Wheel Housing / Ladder Strap upgrade
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