SeaSucker Add-On Front Wheel Holder (BA1370) .


Add-On Front Wheel Holder

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SeaSucker Add-On Front Wheel Holder 

The SeaSucker Add-On Front Wheel Holder can be used with the SeaSucker Mini Bomber and Bomber Bike Racks. It's a great alternative to the SeaSucker Flight Deck; it allows you to mount your front wheel on the bike rack main board.

There are an extra set of mounting holes in the centre of the SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2-Bike Rack, this can be used to mount the Add-On Front Wheel Holder. If you have a SeaSucker Bomber 3-Bike Rack, the Add-On Front Wheel Holder takes the place of one of the Fork Mounts.  

Made from 1/4" power coated aluminium the SeaSucker Add-On Front Wheel Holder features elongated vertical entry slots for your front wheel skewer ensuring the front wheel can't fall out. Fasten the front wheel nuts for further security and you are ready to go. The 6 mm aluminium front wheel mount fits up to a 737 mm (29″) wheel. 

NOTE – The SeaSucker Add-On Front Wheel Holder will work with Through-Axle Front Wheels. You will need the SeaSucker Mountain Bike (MTB) Plug. This is available through our online store. The MTB Plug takes the place of the through axle bolt converting the Through-Axle Front Wheel into a Quick-Release.


1 x 6 mm Aluminium Add-On Front Wheel Mount (mounting hardware not included)

Like our motto says NO DRILLS!  NO SCREWS!!  NO PROBLEMS!!!


Also refer to the SeaSucker Vacuum Mount User Guide for detailed vacuum mount specifications and instructions.  

SeaSucker Add-On Front Wheel Holder Specifications
Maximum Front Wheel Diameter: (29") 737 mm
Thickness of Aluminium Front Wheel Holder: 6 mm
Front Wheel Holder Maximum Wheel Diameter: 737 mm


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