SeaSucker 2-Tank Rack Vertical Mount with Adjustable Fold Down Tank Holders


2-Tank Rack - Vertical Mount

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  • SeaSucker Track-Mount Fold-Down Tank Holder
  • Track-Mount Tank Strap
  • Super Quick Fist Tank Holder

SeaSucker 2 Tank Rack Vertical Mount

A powerful and convenient tank storage has never been this simple and easy! Use it on your boat or if you decide to go diving on your friend's boat just take it with you.

The SeaSucker 2 Tank Rack is a truly removable Dive Tank Holder solution and is super quick to install and remove. All it needs is a reasonably smooth and flat surface to attach the two integrated 152 mm SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts. There is plenty of surface area compatible with our Vacuum Mounts in fibreglass and aluminium boats. A few pumps on the Vacuum Mount pump is all it takes to install this Dive Tank Holder. Lift the Vacuum Cup tab and it pops off. To protect the Vacuum Mounts when not in use press the included Protective Covers over the Vacuum Cups and you're done.

Two 152 mm Vacuum Mounts pre-installed on the 508 mm aluminium track using marine grade stainless steel hardware provides the muscle to keep your tanks in place.  

Please Note: This product uses the Roll Control Tank Holders and can be optioned with the Fold Down Tank Holders or the Flexible Tank Straps as shown below


"Roll Control - Fold Down Tank Holder" or the "Roll Control - Flexible Tank Strap"

Like our motto says NO DRILLS!  NO SCREWS!!  NO PROBLEMS!!! 

Product Benefits & Features

  • You will save on the cost of having to fill in holes ever time, this can get very expensive!
  • The cost of maintaining our vacuum mounts is very low; every part is replaceable and the pump is fully serviceable.
  • The one solution for many surfaces including steel, aluminium, glass, fibreglass and some non-skid surfaces.
  • If you change your mind you can relocate the Dive Tank Rack in seconds and leave no marks behind. 


  • Choice of 2 x Adjustable Fold-Down Tank Holders or 2 x Flexible Tank Straps
  • 1 x 502 mm Aluminium Track
  • 2 x 152 mm SeaSucker White Vacuum Mounts (pre-installed)
  • 2 x 152 mm SeaSucker White Protective Covers
  • SeaSucker Vacuum Mount User Guide
  • Some minor assembly required; no tools required


Also refer to the SeaSucker Vacuum Mount User Guide for detailed vacuum mount specifications and instructions.  

152 mm Vacuum Mount Specifications
Maximum Pull Rating:  90 kg
Load Carrying Capacity: 31.75 kg
Vacuum Mount Diameter: 152 mm
Vacuum Mount Height when mounted: 46 mm
Vacuum Mount Height at rest: 56 mm
Housing Top Diameter:  60 mm
Housing Height Only: 33 mm
Housing Top Slot Width: 7 mm
Housing Top Slot Length: 14 mm
Housing Centre Thread:  ¼-20
Track Mount Fold-Down Tank Holder Specifications
Overall Width: 502 mm
Overall Height: 152 mm
Overall Depth: 254 mm
Total Number of teeth on each Tank Holder half 16
Minimum internal diameter (all 16 teeth interlocked) 170 mm
External width (all 16 teeth interlocked) 230 mm
Minimum internal diameter (8 teeth interlocked) 220 mm
External width (8 teeth interlocked) 280 mm
Minimum internal diameter (4 teeth interlocked) 250 mm
External width (4 teeth interlocked)  310 mm
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