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SeaSucker Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board and Kayak Rod Holder product photo


SUP Rod Holder

The SeaSucker Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board Rod Holder with one 152 mm Vacuum Mount Like to go fishing on a paddle board or kayak and are looking for rod holder that does not require you to...

SeaSucker Gaff/Net Holder holding a short arm fishing gaff


Gaff/Net Holder

The SeaSucker Gaff / Net Holder  Having immediate access to your Gaffs and Nets whilst fishing on board a boat is crucial. It can be the difference between landing that big fish or having...

SeaSucker 3-Wheel Holder


3-Wheel Holder

The SeaSucker 3-Wheel Holder  The SeaSucker 3-Wheel Holder can be used with the SeaSucker Mini Bomber and Bomber. It's a great alternative to the SeaSucker Flight Deck; it works independently...

Overhead Rod Holders. Product View


Overhead Rod Holders

The SeaSucker Overhead Rod Holder This is SeaSucker’s purpose boat rod holder; its primary purpose is rod storage underneath your hardtop. The SeaSucker Overhead Rod Holder can also...

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SeaSucker Trainer Flex Mount - iPad mounted on an exercise bike


Trainer Flex Mount - iPad

The SeaSucker Trainer Flex Mount  - iPad  The SeaSucker Trainer Flex Mount  is ideal for mounting an iPad on a bike when using high-tech training programs like Zwift. This eliminates...

SeaSucker Rack Pads - The wrap around pads for SeaSucker Roof Racks


Rack Pads - 1 Pair

SeaSucker Rack Pads - 1 Pair The SeaSucker Rack Pads are 550 mm wide and are a direct replacement for the Rack Pads provided with the SeaSucker Paddle Board rack and Board Rack. They also are...

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